The un-insulated sliding roof from Sliding Roof is very versatile and can have multiple functions.

The insulated retractable sliding glass roof systems we provide are well known for their reliability. The roof system has been patented for 15 years, and can be found in commercial buildings, restaurants, cafés, sport halls, hockey arenas, palaces, private houses, public buildings etc. The customer who is looking for a sliding glass roof is usually a customer who have a project visuallised, and dont want to be limited by conventional skylights or roof windows.

Sliding glass roof, covering an enclosed area, 75% retractable
Sliding glass roof, resting on top of structure, 100% retractable
Gazebo, used as the full roof structure of the gazebo
Pergola, protecting the furniture and people under it from rain.
Building permit problems, because the sliding glass roof is not a fixed system and falls in the pergola cathegory, it easens the building permit requirements, and some times skips them fully.

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Sliding Roof

Sliding Roof is an independent site assisting individuals, architects and planners to widen their views, while opening up bright new possibilities. We find the guaranteed best deal for trouble free planning, installation and follow up services. All sliding glass roofs are tailor made for your own house, apartment or commercial premises. We guarantee the highest build quality, maximum reliability and quick post installment services. All is made with Scandinavian quality and we deliver all over Europe.
We provide high-quality and long-lasting products, that have very short installation time, and are very low maintenance.
With a sliding glass roof installed, you stay protected from the weather elements, while adding value to your property.